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Strawberry shortcake
Yep....I have researched, compared recipe's and have the real deal now!

Omg! I may have just found the perfect food
If you've paid attention, you know I love great food and drink. And I enjoy cooking and experimenting with great recipes. Well, I may hav...

Just bought a big bag of green beans and will snap them tonight and cook them tomorrow. I also bought a small bag of red potatoes to fix ...

Rolled or drop?

Raw or well done?

With corn bread
Peas or pinto's

grape or apple?

home made french fries
I have a big ole bag of potatoes and I would love to make some home made french fries. I tried just slicing them in planks and baking but...

What type of cheese would best compliment a burger with Jalapenos?

Beating meat
Does beating meat with a meat beater make it more tender? Will tenderizer do the same thing? What about soaking your meat in milk? What i...

Crock pot beans
Thinking about making some beans in the crock pot. Last time I did it, I added a potato to soak up the gas, but by time the beans were do...

Refreezing meat
I have some meat that I thawed out ,turns out I don't need to use it all. Can I Refreezing it without cooking it first?

roast in crock pot please
like to have some good way to fix it. thanks

meat weight?
What, approximately, does a split chicken breast weigh? I have bulk packs of breast that don't have a weight on them and recipes that hav...

Does anyone make meatballs? What is your recipe? I was thinking of trying one pound each burger and sausage, an egg and some plain bread ...

What is one of the best things your mother cooked when you were younger ? Your fave !!!
Mine was homemade onionrings & her awesome bananapudding..

Mac n Cheese
I am so sad, I bought some great BBQ from ???? So excited , because I love their BBQ. Their Mac N Cheese sucks like velveeta!

What is a diablo sandwich?
Can anyone tell me what exactly a diablo sandwich is? I've never figured that one out. I figured Wilkes county should have the answer

Besides salt and pepper what are the seasonings you use the most of?

Someone give me the BEST pecan pie recipe
Down to the brand of things you buy


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