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Pressure cooker
Has anyone used one of these?? I been thinking about getting one. If so how good are they. Power Pressure Cooker XL - kohls.com‎ Ad...

Favorite Pie

Anyone recommend a quality food dehydrator that walmart stocks?
Do they come with the syringe thingy to make jerky from ground beef? Also what spices? Is all you need is liquid smoke, pepper, salt?

Side dishes for prime rib
If you were making a primerib roast ,what kind of side dishes would you include? I'm thinking maybe asparagus and roasted potatoes...any ...

Cooking Turkey???
This will b my first time cooking a turkey!!! Would like to hear how others cook theirs. Ive been told basically ...clean out, wash, dry ...

Turkey gravy and stuffin
Help I need a good recipe for turkey gravy and stuffin.

Chicken Stew Recipes
I am looking for a good chicken stew recipe. Thanks!

Chili recipes.
Does anyone have a really good chili recipe? I've been making the same chili for years and I'd like to kick it up a notch.

pumpkin butter
I need a recipe for pumpkin butter. My mom had a recipe but has misplaced. I have never made it myself but I have an abundance of pumpkin...

no-bake cookie recipe
does anyone have a recipe called no-bake chocolate peanut butter oatmeal cookies.would like to have a recipe where you dont cook it or bo...

cube steak
Dose anyone have a spicy recipe for cube steak

Chicken soup
Today I wanted cream of chicken soup for lunch but saw I was running low so I took two chicken bullion cubes and dissolved them in 2 cups...

Onion Smell in lid
I need help - I diced an onion and put it in a Rubbermaid easy find lid bowl and now my lid smells like onions. I have used vinegar, baki...

My favorite is home make Potato Soup with crumbled up Bacon on the top. Guess I will eat Campbell's Tomato Soup today.

Green Tomatoes and onions
Bushman, anyone have a reciepe for canning green tomatoes and onions?

Kukumber Zalad
So freaking good...

Cooking tips
What goes with BBQ ribs? Also I need to figure out how to make home style biscuts without turning them so thick the only one in the house...

Recipes for us poor folk
Got some large cucumbers, too large for pickles so what to do with them? Got some turnips? You got a gold mine there! Cucumber Zucchini C...

squash cassarole
wold ike a simple squash cassarole anyone have that?

Mac n Cheese
I am so sad, I bought some great BBQ from ???? So excited , because I love their BBQ. Their Mac N Cheese sucks like velveeta!


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