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Any DirecTV customers here?


Posted 7:41 pm, 12/06/2018

They used to charge $5 a month for a DVR. I'll be surprised if they don't try to lease a Roku stick to their customers for $5, the same way internet providers do with their routers. Most wouldn't realize they could just buy one for cheap, so it would just be free money


Posted 7:36 pm, 12/06/2018

There biggest expenses are in installation and service calls, and in trying to train knuckle dragging Neanderthals how to aim a dish, terminate wire, use a drill, and not fall off a ladder. Going to a box that a guy comes in and connects to your WiFi in a couple minutes will save them billions. Also the boxes would cost them less. Streaming devices are cheaper than gunners. Especially with their real goal being to have tv manufacturers to build the software into the tv.


Posted 7:28 pm, 12/06/2018

They aren’t taking into account that many people don’t have high speed internet service.

This was my first though, too. I pay for a 6M connection, but often the speed is less than 2M, so it's just not practical to stream everything.

But I've read that it costs a minimum of $11 million just to launch a new satellite, not including the cost to maintain it. They could probably lose a lot of their users and still be more profitable.

zapot 86

Posted 4:55 pm, 12/06/2018

wonder if they will let people out of their contracts.


Posted 1:07 pm, 12/06/2018

Hulu - more TV than you need.


Posted 10:22 pm, 12/05/2018

Cut off direct tv because att screwed up their dvr service on the first update they did. They said it would take months to fix. I figured as soon as they bought DTV it would run it in to the ground.

sparkling water

Posted 9:19 pm, 12/05/2018

Bernie is going to give us free high speed internet.


Posted 9:17 pm, 12/05/2018

You didn’t have to have a smart tv. They have new boxes that are supposed to be cloud based. They aren’t taking into account that many people don’t have high speed internet service. They are making dish better and better.


Posted 9:17 pm, 12/05/2018

Apple TV or Roku is your answer.


Posted 8:55 pm, 12/05/2018

I was on the phone over an hour and a half yesterday trying to get customer service. Finally got someone on "chat". He said they were doing away with dvr receivers, going to online streaming service. It'll be great, he said, it will all be stored in the cloud.....but, you have to have a Smart TV to download the app....I hate change.


Posted 8:01 pm, 12/05/2018

AT&T has said they have launched their last satellite. Soon your service will be brought to you entirely through the internet.


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